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Discontinued   ·   Short Dated   ·   Overstocks


Things are booming at The Green Store in downtown Nanaimo! Discount organic and natural health products are our specialty and thanks to several large shipments recently, the store is full with a wide variety. Most 30-70% off regular retail prices! Check out our current sale listings here to get an idea of what we have to offer, you'll be amazed. Join the email list to get flyers sent directly to your inbox. Remember when we sell out of something we may never see it again, so act fast when you see something you like! We hope you have fun with your shopping trips to the store. And bring your bags, you'll always find more than expect.

New Products, Every Week!

With new suppliers and lots of exciting new products arriving every week, now is a great time to come down and check out the selection of discount organic and natural products at The Green Store. We have also added many new regular stock items, that are available anytime, to compliment our great discount products.

If you haven't seen the changes, please come by and check it out!

Super Sales Online

The only way we announce our amazing sales is online. We have two sales:

Super Sales:  Weekly listings of items received in recent deliveries.
Daily Specials:  Smaller sales with 1-2 items on special, sent every couple days. 

You can get our sales listings through the Current Sales link on our website. But by the time you look on our website some products may already be gone. Many items sell quickly! 

Email, Facebook, or Twitter are the best ways to get sale listings the minute they are available. Most people sign up for the email listing, and a Like on Facebook also keeps you posted on all the sales the moment they are sent out!

About The Green Store
Discontinued  ·  Short Dated ·  Overstocks

The Green Store is a discount organic and green products store. What you see on our shelves is often all of our stock, so if you like something you may want to get it before we run out! We bring in new products every week to replace stock that goes out the door.

Most of our food products have amazing prices...50% off on average. That's 50% off organic and natural foods! And Natural Body Care! And more!

Limited quantities, for a limited time. And lots more arriving all the time.

We also carry many green products for your body and home, from vitamins to bath products to cleaners. Most at great discounts!

Our Mission
  1. Making organic & natural health food more accessible & affordable, 
  2. Reducing our impact on the planet by selling earth-friendly products, and 
  3. Reducing waste produced by our suppliers
We are a quadruple bottom-line business 

This means that while running a profitable business, we also strive to create positive impacts with people, planet, and spiritual life!

We have a community atmosphere in our workplace, where our staff and customers engage to facilitate greater change in the world. That's a big goal, and we invite you to join us!

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